Civil Structural Health Monitoring

Civil Structural Health Monitoring

Civil Structural Health Monitoring 


Prof. Dr. Aftab Mufti, CM, FRSC, P.Eng
AProf. Dr. Kareem Helmy, P.Eng.


1. Fundamental concepts of Civil Structural Health Monitoring and Civionics Engineering

1. What is structural health monitoring?

2. What is Civionics

3. Methodology

4. Testing categories

5. SHM system design

6. The future of SHM

2. Sensor Technology and Remote Monitoring methods

1. Sensing is fundamental to structural health monitoring.

2. Create sensor systems matched to the needs of SHM

3. Fibre Optic Sensors

4. Electronic Sensors

5. Acoustic Emission Sensors

6. Communication - Hard Wire

7. Communication - Wireless

3. Management, analysis and interpretation of data

1. Data Collection and Processing

2. Model Validation, Updating, and Uncertainty Quantification

3. System Identification

4. Safety

4. SHM Leads to Innovative Structures

1. Arching and Bridge Decks 1970-1987, OHBDC’83

2. Research at Dalhousie University /MTO 1988-1995

3. Practice, 1995-2001, CHBDC’01

4. Field Assessments

5. Back to Research, 2001, U of Manitoba

6. Practice, 2001- 09, CHBDC’06

7. Conclusions

5. Case-histories

1. Concrete Box Girder Highway Bridge

2. Steel Girder Highway Bridge

3. Cable Stayed Pedestrian Bridge

Professor Aftab Mufti, C.M. Ph.D., P.Eng.

Professor Aftab Mufti, C.M. Ph.D., P.Eng.

Dr. Aftab Mufti is an Emeritus Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He is also the former Scientific Director and President of the Innovative Structures with Intelligent Sensing Canada Research Network, a Network of Centres of Excellence. His research interests include FRPs, FOSs, FEM, bridge engineering, Structural Health Monitoring (SHM). At the University of Manitoba he introduced new research area of Civionics Engineering to monitor deteriorating infrastructure. He has authored or co-authored 5 books, plus provided chapters for 2 others, edited 9 books, and written more than 350 technical publications. Dr. Mufti is the recipient of 24 awards. He is the holder of several patents on the steel-free bridge deck concept, of which he is the principal developer. He has been involved in the writing of bridge design codes since 1992, and was the Chair of the Technical Sub-Committee on the Fibre Reinforced Structures of the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code, published in 2006. He is a fellow of 9 societies. On November 2013 he was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (FRSC) and on July 1, 2010 he was appointed as a Member of the Order of Canada, highest civilian honour bestowed on Canadian citizens, for his contribution to and leadership in the field of civil engineering, notably for researching the use of advanced composite materials and fibre optic sensors in the construction and monitoring of bridges and other infrastructures.

Prof Karim Helmi Ph.D., Civil Engineering

Professor KARIM HELMI Ph.D., Civil Engineering
Associate Professor
Construction and Building Engineering Department
College of Engineering and Technology
Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport,
Abu Qir, Alexandria, Egypt

Ph.D., Civil Engineering, February, 2007
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, Canada.
M.App.Sc., Civil Engineering, June, 2000
University of Windsor, Windsor, ON, Canada.
B.Sc., Civil Engineering, June, 1993
Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt.